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Raymond E. Mingst is an artist, writer and curator. He received a 2021 Fellowship from the New Jersey Council on the Arts. His studio is located in Jersey City, NJ.

Using this website…

When I discovered it at a fleamarket, I was taken by the typography on the cover of Frank J. Roos, Jr.’s An Illustrated Handbook of Art History. What I appreciate about the book, beyond the airy, retro charm of the cover design, are the many small, black and white images it contains. They serve as visual reminders of artworks, but the modest scale and lack of color make it apparent that you will need to visit the work if you're to gain a genuine appreciation.


I would like those who encounter my work to see it in the particular light of a particular day, to confront it in person. The white glow of the computer screen is a seductive place. Its sleekness, unlike Roos’s Art History, can feel like enough, like a complete experience with nothing more required of you. I’ve put together a few images to share online. But, I have a request. Kindly consider this site a mere reference, or a starting point. I’d much prefer that you come and visit. —REM


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