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3: Patricia Dahlman, Robyn Ellenbogen and Julie McHargue

This was a wonderful exhibition I curated with Arthur Bruso for Art House Productions Gallery. —REM

From the exhibition essay:

"Patricia Dahlman, Robyn Ellenbogen and Julie McHargue create potent works that celebrate the artist’s hand and stretch our ideas of what can be achieved through sewing and the sewn line. While their work transcends the domestic realm, we also attest that it honors the significance of the traditions from which they draw. Sewing, quilting, crochet are enmeshed in our histories and women have most often safeguarded this heritage. Through their art practices, [these artists] assert the value of the craft in their work and point a way to the future of these traditions as expressed through contemporary art."

— Arthur Bruso, Raymond E. Mingst, curators

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