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AUDIT at Proto Gomez

Raymond E. Mingst, Untitled (Mourning Handkerchiefs) 2020

Eric Mavko Raymond E. Mingst Zorawar Sidhu Jillian Van Volkenburgh AUDIT at Proto Gomez features work by four contemporary artists exploring systems of archiving knowledge and experience, along personal, institutional, and cultural lines. Referring to the examination and consideration of ones accounts, the title AUDIT asserts a shared penchant between these artists for looking back across time to gather certain materials and inspirations of their aesthetic makings. From objects within the sanctioned canons of art history to antiquities and refuse of the unknown everyman, and from intimate, individual memory to collective cultural experience, the various subjects within these artists works, while emanating generally from the past, eschew saccharine nostalgia and novelty, staying firmly within a present-day reverential lens of re-consideration and re-contextualization. Their work gives sounding and a promulgating tone to the elements of their respective investigations, a tone which echoes the oracular and public connotations of the word AUDIT’s distant etymological origins. Eric Mavko’s current work arises from granular examinations of images which represent the peculiar moments in time that, when seen in retrospect, are the inflection points upon which human lives hinge and turn. The work seeks to freeze and own these moments which can’t be detected in real-time. Raymond E. Mingst’s ongoing publishing and installation project, The Department of Reparative History, is a meditation on losses suffered as a result of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Zorawar Sidhu creates analytical explorations which provide insight and new perspectives on cultural phenomena and historical subjects. Jillian Van Volkenburgh's current work arises from an intuitive curiosity which seeks to decipher the past, rediscovering relics and curiosities before they are lost. Objects from the recent past are taken out of their original context so that they might create their own narrative via photography or printmaking processes.

AUDIT is on view at PROTO GOMEZ (13 Monroe Street, New York, NY 10002) from March 7th– March 29th, 2020 Fridays and Saturdays, noon-6pm and by appointment. For further information please contact the gallery at or at +1.917.719.1447. All images are subject to copyright. PROTO GOMEZ is a contemporary art gallery located at 13 Monroe Street in the Two Bridges neighborhood of New York City. The gallery is a collaboration between PROTO Gallery (Nick De Pirro) and Enrico Gomez.

IMAGE: Raymond E. Mingst, Untitled, (Mourning Handkerchiefs), 2020

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